About Us

About DL Smith Electric

DL Smith Electric is a full-service electrical construction company. Founded in 1972 by DL Smith in Topeka, we work regionally within a wide range of markets. We focus on providing highly-skilled field crews, utilizing innovative technologies, managed within experienced teams, and held accountable to all the customers we serve.

We complete a large amount of electrical new construction, renovations, services, and repairs for private and publicly-traded businesses, public institutions, healthcare facilities, governmental agencies, and utilities.

We have a large workforce and experienced staff to provide wide range of services such as rapid responses to maintain business operations, constructing advanced automation systems, completing design-build projects, and supporting VDC/BIM construction in-house designers, engineers, and heavy implementation of our UL-listed prefabrication facility.

We invest heavily into training our workforce, foster usage of new technologies and tools, prioritize safe workplace practices, and encourage standardized business processes that encourage tight cost controls.

DL Smith Electric fundamentally believes within these Core Values.
We perform best with a TEAM-APPROACH to deliver our services, are ACCOUNTABLE to each stakeholder within a project, EXPECT EXCELLENCE from each of our peers and partners, constantly look for INNOVATIVE ideas to improve our performance, and put a priority on RELATIONSHIP-DRIVEN opportunities.

DL Smith Electric History

In 1972, DL chose to buy a small electrical contracting firm located in Topeka, in lieu of pursuing an electrical engineering degree.  The company expanded its client and experience through the decades by consistently listening to the customers and providing reliable, safe, and efficient electrical services.

DL Smith Electric moved to it’s current location in 1982.  The company expanded its client base and experieince through the 80’s and early 90’s.  Shawn, DL’s son, joined the company in the mid-90’s, after a successful career as a licensed consulting engineer.  From the mid-90’s through early 2000’s, the company expanded rapidly within the healthcare and energy markets, and integrated Telecom into the company services.

DL retired in 2005, where Shawn assumed the role as the CEO and President of DL Smith Electric.  The company has maintained a persistent increase in growth, client base, and experienced resources to provide our customers leading-edge electrical construction services.

Excellent Safety Record

DL Smith Electric has an industry-leading safety record and drug-free workplace policy, to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and customers.

We require mandatory drug testing for prospective and current employees.

Our Experience Modification Rate, used to measure our overall safety performance, for the last several years has remained between .67-.79 which is well below the industry average of 1.0.

Our Total Recordable Incident Rates have always averaged well below our industry benchmarks. We continually strive within the company to achieve and maintain a Zero Incident Rate.